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disclaimer Underfloor heating A carpet produced with pure new wool is perfectly suited to an area with underfloor heating as the main heating source (or additional source of heating). There will often be a low temperature heating system (the so-called LTH system) for underfloor heating, where the water supply temperature is set to a maximum of 40 C and the floor will not become hotter than 28 C. The area and floor are well isolated (R > 2,50 m K/W) and the heating is usually kept on without a day-night rhythm. The underlay and carpet need to be glued when fitted and the instructions for the fitting and gluing of the carpets needs to be followed. The underlay and top layer may not become damaged and any airlocks between the underlay or carpet and the floor need be prevented because of the negative effect this has on the heat transport. The underlay must be suitable for underfloor heating.  Humidity levels need to be satisfactory during use (at least 50%), which will allow for the heat to be transported efficiently and will ensure the carpet stays in optimal condition.

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