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disclaimer  stoffering Installation Using the proper installation and the right underlayment underneath extend the life of your carpet and have a positive effect on retaining the appearance of the carpet (appearance change). Choosing the right underlayment depends on the situation and the requirements.  Floor A proper floor literally forms the basis for achieving a good result with installation.  The floor should be  	completely smooth (free of bumps and holes);  	durable enough to handle the wear; 	clean and dry at all times and 	it should maintain its shape and stability.  Seams and cracks between the floor and the baseboards are to be sealed using a suitable filler to stop unwanted draughts and, therefore, the associated dust and/or dirt build-up. This dirt on the edges is extremely persistent and practically impossible to remove.   Stretching or gluing?  It is preferable to stretch the carpet. The texture will appear more luxurious and indentations will bounce back more quickly by stretching the carpet than by gluing it. If it is impossible to stretch the carpet due to the situation (e.g. underfloor heating, room design) or the traffic (e.g. castors) the carpet will have to be glued.   Underlayment Suitable underlayment is an important part of the flooring: It provides comfort, luxurious beauty and ensures that the carpet continues to look great for a longer period of time. Soft underlayment causes large indentations in the carpet which makes it difficult for the carpet to resilient. This gives you the feeling that you are dragging your feet when walking on the carpet. Research and tests show that underlayment with a high resistance against indentations and the ability to keep resilient from indentations work the best and bring out the best in our carpets. High resistance to indentation is especially important for carpets with a cut and loop texture: the heavy backing of these carpets do not recover well from wear and indentation.  We recommend using rubber underlayment without air pockets or recesses with a thickness of 6 mm in a shot weight of at least 2500 g/m2 or so-called PUR rebond underlayments. These lightweight underlayments (e.g. Best Base Elegance) combine a great recover capability with light weight (1000 to 1500 g/m2) due to its special design.  The disadvantage of felt underlayment is that it can lose its resilience and recovery capability. Therefore its use is not recommended with our carpets.   Your nouwens-bogaers-carpet guarantee will only be honoured if the carpet is fitted in accordance with our instructions. You can download the complete information regarding the correct fitting.

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