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disclaimer Speaking of Quality Technology is always evolving in the carpet industry. Unfortunately, the purpose of many new developments is only to speed up production. However, we at Nouwens-Bogaers are not happy with this development. Of course, we are also striving towards continuous improvements; but our main goal is to focus on improvements to the carpet itself, such as to its appearance and its lifetime. We have always had a keen sense for tradition. What we mean is: "Keep the good things". That is why we like to use traditional and time-proven methods for producing our carpets. Our carpets are manufactured using the highest quality wool from New Zealand. Its natural qualities make New Zealand's wool the perfect raw material for carpets. Thanks to its purely natural, white fibre, this wool can be dyed practically any colour. The soft, resilient fibres can easily be used in carpets with a wide range of textures. It goes without saying that the right material and maintenance for your carpet are essential for the maximum enjoyment of your carpet and its lustrous beauty for a long time to come. Your dealer has the expertise to offer you the most suitable installation. Please refer to the maintenance instructions for further information on maintenance.

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