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disclaimer Nouwens-Bogaers have decades of experience with wool carpets, handed down from generation to generation. Tilburg and the surrounding area owe their existence to the production of and the trade in wool, wool fabrics and wool carpets.                                                                In 1945, Petrus Nouwens and his wife Lucia Bogaers took the first steps towards the establishment of a business of their own, following years of experience in the textiles industry: the business was known as P.J.M. Nouwens Tapijtfabriek. Because of post-war shortages the first products were carpets with paper pile material. Before long production switched to pure wool, and the firm's name changed to Nouwens-Bogaers.                                                                        The couple's son Ad Nouwens worked in the company from the outset, and thanks largely to his vision and his feel for quality the company grew rapidly. The business is now in the hands of a third generation, upholding the same traditional values and quality aims, and using the same pure wool in contemporary stylings. About us

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