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disclaimer Carpetcare wool carpets Click here for your personal maintenance advice. When in doubt, leave the stain untreated and call James for advice (+31 (0)77 327 8007)! Remove solid soiling with a spoon or the blunt edge of a knife, then follow the instructions for dried stains.   Cleaning After a certain period of time, depending on the intensity of use, it may be necessary to clean your carpet completely in order to remove dirt that has accumulated over the years. In order to prevent damage to your carpet and interior, we recommend that you not do this yourself; carpet cleaning should be done by a professional. Factors that appear to be unimportant when cleaning can cause irreparable damage to your carpet or interior (e.g. moisture from cleaning that affects your furniture). Professionals ensure that cleaning is carried out correctly and they are even insured against any and unexpected mistakes. The costs of professional cleaning cannot be compared to the value of your carpet and interior. It is a common misconception that a cleaned carpet "attracts dirt". Following professional cleaning there are no soap residues left behind in the carpet.  Personal Maintenance Advice In partnership with James, we offer you an opportunity to download your personal maintenance advice. This advice is determined after extensive testing, and is concentrated on your own user circumstances. It is highly recommended! Proper and regular maintenance of your carpet extends its lifetime and ensures that its beauty maintenance consists of the right combination of vacuuming, stain removal and cleaning.  Vacuuming wool carpets Vacuum regularly (twice a week) to remove dust and dirt from the pile and prevent them from penetrating the pile. Use a tool piece with electric (rotating) brush to remove dust and dirt is the most effective manner and to remove loose fibres that protrude from the pile. Such an accessory can often be used independently from your vacuum cleaner and is available as a separate item. The brush must rotate above the pile surface. This can cause new carpets to pill, however this is only temporary. The process of removing the protruding woolen fibres is a lot slower if you use a smooth suction tool. There is also a chance that the loose fibres will stick to the carpet's surface and will start felting.  Stain removal Stains and soiling mark the appearance of your carpet. The best remedy is to prevent stains and soiling happening in the first place, but that is not always possible. Remove any staining regularly will prevent appearance of your carpet deteriorating. Experience has shown that a few simple steps can prevent a great many problems. 	Using a tray with a high rim can minimise the consequences of any accident; 	A good absorbent mat by the front door can prevent a lot of dirt being tracked in; 	Be careful about using cleaning agents; spillages of liquids which apparently leave no stain can attractand retain dirt later (for example soapsuds when cleaning windows, or furniture spray when cleaning the dining table).  	Adjacent hard flooring in timber, stone and the like will have no capacity to absorb dirt and will therefore provide an additional loading on the carpet's absorbent capacity. Residues of cleaning agents and wax from hard floors can be spread around by footwear and damage the carpet's pile.  In order to find a reliable method of removing stains we have carried out research in collaboration with the company James involving exhaustive testing of their products on our carpets. If the cleaning instructions are followed correctly the removal of stains rarely causes problems. A quick response can prevent many problems. The dried out spot can then be treated and removed in accordance with the stain chart and instructions from James.

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