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disclaimer Wool is one of the oldest and best known textile fibres. Wool’s natural properties have turned this fibre into a unique and much loved material or the production of a nouwens-bogaers carpet.   Wool’s basic properties are still the fundamental qualities which have given wool a unique place in the 21st century.  There are plenty of other textile fibres readily available, but even current science hasn’t been able to produce another fibre which is capable of offering all the properties which wool has by nature. The most important natural properties:  •	Wool comes from an inexhaustible source: the sheep.  •	Wool is biologically degradable and will certainly not damage the environment. •	Wool is incredibly energy efficient: the production of wool only costs 12% of the energy required for the production of synthetic fibres.  The wool fibre is the only natural white fibre on earth which can be dyed in any colour without chemical treatment. •	Wool is hypoallergenic and offers no nutrition to bacteria and house dust mites. •	Wool functions like a natural filter and traps dust, ensuring it can’t be inhaled. •	Wool is naturally flame resistant, without the need for any additives. •	Wool is comfortable in both hot and cold conditions. •	Wool is naturally springy.  A wool carpet is safe to use: the surface is not slippery by nature, but is in fact anti-slip and prevents plenty of falls.  Plus you can be assured of a soft landing should a fall still occur. •	Wool has a soundproofing effect, both in the actual room as well as in the room or space below. •	A wool carpet saves energy and will result in cold feet much less frequently. Natural Wool

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