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disclaimer OVERLOCK STITCHING Overlock stitching is the stitching around the edge of the rug with yarn. We exclusively use quality yarn for this stitching. Nouwens-Bogaers stands for the highest possible quality and finishes off all customised rugs with suitable yarn. Customised rug BINDING WITH TAPE Your rug will feature a subtle suede-type tape in a suitable colour. This tape is barely visible.           This stylish edge finish results in a luxury look and is durable. We can also equip this type of rug with a 3 mm thick anti-slip underlay which is suitable for underfloor heating if required.                                      This combination provides a fantastic end result! VOLUME RUG A volume rug has a rich, full-bodied look.                                                                                                            By folding the edges of the rug and lining this with special underlay, which is moisture-resistant and suitable for underfloor heating, a beautiful thick rug is created.                                                                                              Not all carpets are suitable for processing into a volume rug.                                                                                                  These volume rugs are completely made to order by us.                                                                                                       The volume rugs will give off a feeling of warmth and tranquillity. In your ideal personal living environment you expect a rug to be adjusted in line with your needs and not the other way around. Thatís why we produce customised rugs! We can offer you the opportunity to create the exact rug you need to realise an optimal connection between different items of furniture, or to transform your seating area into a cosy and comfortable whole. You will be amazed what kind of effect a rug can have on the atmosphere, the warmth and the acoustics in your living room.                                                                                                                                         Play with the dimensions, the colour of the carpet and the various different types of finish and create your own customised rug.

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